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Experience (EXP) - 100x

Skill Points (SP) - 100x

Adena - 200x

Drop Items - 1x

Quest Experience (EXP) - 10x

Quest Skill Points (SP) - 10x

Quest Adena - 10x

Quest Drop Items - 20x

Spoil - 1x

Weight Limit - 8x

Manor - 4x


Safe Enchant +4

Max. Enchant +16

Normal Scroll chance 70%

Blessed Scroll chance 70%

Ancient Scroll chance 80%

Elemental Stone chance 60%

Elemental Crystal chance 40%


Custom Raids daily and weekly


Castle Sieges weekly (Sunday 16 /20 hs)

Territory War weekly (Saturday 20hs)

Buff duration, Dances and Songs 2 hours

Maximum Slots of Buffs 24 +4

Maximum Slots of Dances and Songs 12

Npc Buffer

Cancelled buffs don't return

Mana potions (1k every 10 seconds)


Olympiads every week (Last day Sunday)

Olympiads Max. Enchant 16

Sub-Class without Quest

Sub-Class Maximum Level 85

No sub stack

Anti-Bot (SmartGuard)

Class MasterOff-line Shop

Auto Learn Skills

Auto Loot (Except Raids)


Vitality System

Champions System

Wedding System

Cleaning inactive accounts - 3 months


Time Zone GMT -3

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Events every hour


Team vs Team: It consists of an event where all registered members are divided into two teams, the team that obtains the highest number of kills, wins the event.

Domination: Event where players are divided into two teams, teams must dominate a certain point of the map to obtain points, the team that stays longer and with more members in the place to be dominated will win the event.

Mass Domination: The event is very similar to Domination, described above, however there is more than one point to be mastered. This creates a greater dynamics, making the event a lot of fun.

Capture the Flag: The event is divided into two teams, players must capture the flag of the enemy and bring it to their base, the team that obtains the enemy\'s flag more times wins the event.

Last Man Standing: Players are teleported to an arena where everyone must confront and the last survivor will be the winner of the event.

Deathmatch: Players registered in the event are teleported to a certain location, the objective of the event is to kill more, whoever obtains the highest number of kills will be the winner of the event.

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